Bittersweet Seraphim (Seraphim, #2) by Debra Anastasia

Kelly - 5

Debra Anastasia really knows how to spin a tale! Whether it’s kick-ass street brawling Brothers in the incredible ‘Poughkeepsie,’ or the hot devil himself in ‘Crushed’ and ‘Bittersweet Seraphim,’ there are no bounds to her talent. She’s a ballsy, honest and very diverse writer who successfully manages to extend her irrefutable traits across separate genres.

Bittersweet Seraphim is the sequel to Crushed Seraphim, and if I’m honest, I wasn’t sure where the beginning was leading me. It didn’t start off with any of the characters from the first book; instead it introduced two completely new ones and the first 15% was consumed with a forbidden love between a Human and a Hell Minion – Jenny and Nero. But wow, when I fell in, I fell in deep! Their story also provided the perfect backdrop for later events, especially with the introduction of their half-breed Daughter, Kate. It mingled well within the overall workings of the story, which gave it substance and helped deliver a more complex plot than the first.

Satan-Jack did not disappoint in this sequel. He is hotter than hell, ladies! Seriously… he is one of my favourite characters and his 360° turnaround was still done in a way that didn’t detract from his original persona. He was the devil after all, and he didn’t go too pansy-assed on us even though he’s fallen hopelessly in-love with an Angel.

Jack will stop at nothing to break his love out of the confines of hell and away from Everett’s evil grasp. Everett – UGH! What a loser. I absolutely hated him. Emma, on the other hand is a beautiful character and her ability to bless you one minute and throw a dagger at the enemy the next made her a full-rounded and loveable heroine.

Jason, Seriana and Dean give this book the perfect and final message - that love comes in many forms. A half-minion family that will stop at nothing to protect each-other from the clutches of an abusive Grandfather who instils fear. His mission: to breed Seriana to produce stronger hellion offspring to strengthen his army and unleash evil on Earth.

As this unlikely group of savours intertwine, no one could ever have prepared them for the battle ahead. Especially when a triple rescue mission becomes so much more when Earth becomes compromised and it falls to an ex Devil, a full-blooded minion and a Half-Breed family to save it.

I cannot emphasise enough how great this series is and I can honestly say I enjoyed this 2nd book more than the first. Therefore I am awarding Bittersweet Seraphim 5 glorious shiny crowns.

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