Beyond the Cut (Sinners Tribe MC, #2)

By Sarah Castille



As a teen, Dawn ran from a life on the streets straight into the arms of Jimmy “Mad Dog” Sanchez, a biker who promised to be her knight in shining armor. But his love was just another cage. Years later, Dawn’s former life still has its hooks in her and she’ll do whatever it takes to break free. When Cade “Ryder” O’Connor, a member of a rival club, makes her an offer, Dawn finds herself in a different, hotter kind of trouble with one irresistible Sinner…

Cade is an outlaw biker with allegiance to one thing and one thing only: The Sinner’s Tribe Motorcycle Club. But when it comes to the stunningly sexy, fiercely independent Dawn Delgado, Cade finds himself…hungrier for more. Trouble is on Dawn’s heels and he wants to be the answer to her prayers, whether she wants him to be or not. What can’t be denied is the red-hot attraction between them. However, as they fall deeper, the danger rises and Cade may have to sacrifice it all…

Emma - 4.5 Crowns




Book 2 in the Sinner's Tribe Motorcycle Club series. This could be read as a standalone but some characters and plots do cross over from book 1. In my opinion it will only enhance your reading experience if you read the series as they were written.

Dawn Delgado has been an 'Old Lady' and she doesn't intend to be part of that world again. It cost her a lot, but most of all it cost her the twin daughters she struggles to live without. Married to Mad Dog, the infamous VP of the 'Devil's Brethren MC'. After many years of physical and emotional abuse at his hands, she finally escaped and divorced him. This was not something he was prepared to accept though, and in the ultimate revenge he used the only 2 things he could to hurt her; her daughters. Setting her up and portraying her as a crack addict, he managed to have her children removed and placed with his sister. All she gets is a few precious hours a week, unless she can find the money to pay for a little more time. So when a certain biker came into her life she used him for sex and nothing more. A year later and that biker walks back into her life again, but this time he won't go away as quietly. Will she be able to embrace the biker lifestyle again, and if she does, what will be the cost?

Cade O'Connor is a total ladies man. Famous within his MC - the 'Sinner's Tribe', he is a love 'em and kick them to the curb specialist. The only woman he has ever gone back for seconds with is Dawn, the friend of his Presidents wife. Maybe it's because she's the only woman to have given him a taste of his own medicine, but a year later and he still thinks about her. When he runs into her having an altercation, he decides that he wants another helping. what he doesn't expect is the past she has been hiding, namely Mad Dog and her links with one of his clubs deadliest rivals. His head says isn't a one woman man, he just needs to convince his heart the same thing.

I really enjoyed book 1, but I have to say Sarah Castille as outdone herself with Beyond the Cut. Dawn and Cade's relationship was a real tug of war for both of them. Each struggling with their own wants, needs and expectations. It is like they are connected by a elastic band and it doesn't matter how hard they tug on it, how hard they pull in opposite directions, they continue to recoil towards each other. The sexual attraction and chemistry is undeniable and instant. Whether they can and even want to become more settled with each other is a much slower burn.

As with book 1, club life, the threats, politics and dealings plays an important role. I love that Sarah has managed to strike the perfect balance between love and violence which I have come to expect from the best this genre has to offer. With this book, she has placed herself amongst some of the better authors and I applaud her for creating a story that can kick it with the big guns.

You will love Dawn and Cade. Dawn is a Momma Bear and she is determined that nothing and no-one will get in the way of her getting back her girls. She is no shrinking violet and she makes sure that Cade and Mad Dog know she is no push over. Cade, well he is total biker swoon for me. Alpha on one hand but then a complete softy with Maia and Tia. He really struggles with his growing feeling for Dawn, but the protective alpha shines through and he becomes the perfect man to take on Dawn and her twins.

A fantastic addition to a great series. If you like your MC romance to come with a good dose of club life - This book is an absolute MUST READ!! 

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