Better (Too Good, #2) by S. Walden




Their relationship has been exposed, and now their lives are changed forever.


For Cadence Miller, the fast track to adulthood proves intimidating and frustrating. She’s a little girl lost—abandoned by her family and uncertain of her future. She doesn’t think she “fits” anywhere. She’s eighteen. She wants to be older. And the result is both comical and heartbreaking.


Mark Connelly will do anything to provide Cadence a stable, loving home—to be her protector. But he’s just as broken and lost, and his heart won’t let go of his past so easily. He knows he should share his secret with Cadence. He should trust that she’ll understand. But what if she doesn’t? What if their love doesn’t grow stronger?


What if it doesn’t get better?


Elizabeth -  4 Crowns
S. Walden continues this story with the same realism as the first book. Cadence goes through real life struggles that was refreshingly believable for someone in her situation.

Mark has the patience of God with her..not sure how he managed that because there were moments that although I understood her behavior, I still wanted to bop her on the head... Lol

I really love the way God was still a big part of this story, and the feelings that each character had for him was so real... The struggles they had to keep him in their lives was brutally honest at times.

Well done, great part two of the story!
Kelly - 4 Crowns



*ARC was kindly gifted by the Author for an honest review for Perusing Princesses Blog at:*


“Loving you is not about percentages: I give 50 percent. You give 50 percent. That’s bullshit. My job is to love you and give to you as much as I can each and every day. Try to make it to one hundred. On my own.” - Mark Connelly


‘Better’ is another beautifully written, honest, passionate love story with a flair of the forbidden between two unlikely characters. It continues the journey of Mark and Cadence’s intimate relationship, taking you through the myriad of emotions that derive from the moment ‘Good’ ends with Cadence being disowned by her parents, to the reality of what it takes to live in the real world, with adult responsibilities.


At only eighteen, Cadence has had to say goodbye to a comfortable life she once knew, and embrace her future with Mark Connelly; her lover and former calculus teacher. The notion that they were still very much involved in a forbidden relationship remained integral to this second installment, as they continuously battle against derision from the local ‘church going’ community.


Her best-friend Avery is still furious with her after being caught by their parents due to Gracie’s damning revelation. With only a few weeks left at school until graduation, Cadence is still coming under scrutiny from her classmates and teaching staff, all the while sporting a black eye - a parting gift from her Father.


Mark has lost his job and with a girlfriend now living under his roof, he is adamant that this slip-up will not come in the way of their relationship as he sets out to prove his love for Cadence is unconditional and forever. There is just one problem, he is hiding a crucial part of his past from her and he is scared of the consequences when she eventually finds out.


With tensions running high, its not long before the once ‘almost’ perfect union between student and teacher takes a detour into darker territory when Cadence happens to stumble across a clue that rips the floodgates wide open. Coupled with a sense of betrayal and heartbreak she questions everything she thought they had, and the part she plays in Mark’s life.


College has started and frat party invitations are aplenty. Cadence, along with a new group of friends gravitate her into a downward spiral of self-destruction.


Mark wants his sweet Cadence back, and he knows what he has to do, he just hopes in time if she will ever learn to forgive, and help him...forget!




I loved this two-part tale of forbidden romance. There is always something so taboo about a teacher and student coupling that makes for such a riveting story as the sequences of events unfold and consequences meet you at every turn. I can’t help but be a sucker for them. S.Walden is a brilliant writer who is a master at emotional projection. But what really shined is her ability to pull off a third person narrative with first-person scenes from Mark’s POV, which gave more depth to the story and his character.


For me, this journey has always been told in Cadence’s voice but Mark really is the hero of this story. I love everything about him. In one moment he can be the sweetest, most supportive boyfriend on the planet and the next he is all hot-alpha male who can charm your pants off with just words alone.


I love Avery’s crassness, she is a breath of fresh air and isn’t shy of the ‘C’ word. I normally hate that word but in the context that the author uses it with regards to her characterisation, it just works - to the point that it had me chuckling out loud on a few occasions.


Overall, this is a fabulous tale of two lovers who should never have been, but work in all the areas that matter. It isn’t sordid in any way. I didn’t feel any immorality by reading it. In-fact give me a Mr Connelly any day! He has such a good heart that it’s impossible not to fall for his charms.


The Epilogue... can I just say, ‘sheer beauty!’ <3


So, why not a five? I think it was because by 70% I wanted to strangle Cadence’s neck! Her ‘downward spiral’ just seemed to go on for a little too long for my liking which highlighted her immaturity. This is just my personal opinion so therefore many of you may feel different about it, so please don’t quote me on it!


Read ‘Good’ and ‘Better’ if you have a penchant for forbidden romance stories that incorporate the feel of a modern-day Romeo and Juliet twist.





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