Behind His Eyes (Consequences, #4) by Aleatha Romig



Books #4 of the CONSEQUENCES Series - BEHIND HIS EYES – CONSEQUENCES is a reading companion, by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig, recommended to be read after completing all of the CONSEQUENCES SERIES: Consequences, Truth, and Convicted. It is not a standalone book and should not be read as such.

This companion was written to explore the thoughts and motivations of Anthony Rawlings, the man behind the consequences. It was not intended as a total rewrite of Consequences, but meant to enhance the reader’s understanding.

BHE-Consequences contains significant scenes from the novel Consequences, as experienced from Anthony’s point of view. It also contains never before read, behind the scenes information, as well as, a glossary of the characters and a timeline devoted to the events within Consequences.

BEHIND HIS EYES CONSEQUENCES is a dark journey into the mind of the man who believes that he controls everything and controls nothing. Because there is more to learn about a man who:

Once upon a time, signed a napkin that he knew was a contract. As an esteemed businessman, he forgot one very important rule—he forgot to read the fine print. It wasn’t an acquisition to own another person as he’d previously assumed. It was an agreement to acquire a soul.

—Aleatha Romig CONVICTED

It was a long and painful acquisition—especially from Behind His Eyes!




Elizabeth - 5 crowns



I can't... I mean... I just... It's just... OMG. I have been Aleathaed!!!! I need therapy... Welcome to bastard Tony.... After we finally luved Tony......Crawling onto my bed and staying there in the fetal position for a few days..... Well played Ms. Romig...well played indeed... Therapy bills will be sent to you directly.....
Joanne - 5 Crowns
This book will drag you through so many emotions all over again. Loved the ride through Tony's mind... I've been properly Aleatha'd. I went into reading this thinking there was no way I'd be mind fucked again. I stand corrected. I grew a renewed hate for Tony....yet I still wanted to throw him up against a wall and have my way with him. I don't know what this says about my mind. ...and my degree is psychology. Loved this Installment. *applauds Aleatha. ...she did it again.


Kelly - 4 Crowns


Tony Rawlings: love him or loathe him, there is no denying he is a man of his word. His meticulous planning and cunning ways will leave you disturbingly enthralled as you experience this story from a whole new angle. Are you ready to suffer the Consequences?


Ever wondered what was really happening inside that relentless, cold, calculating mind of Tony Rawlings? Well here is your chance as the man behind the curtain is about to unveil himself in all his infinite glory as he recounts, in his own words, pivotal scenes that took place in Consequences.

From the first meeting with Claire and her impending incarceration in Iowa, to the dreaded 'Accident' scene and beyond, Behind His Eyes takes you back to that place that had many of us clenching our e-readers in disbelief, in anger, in trepidation...and fear, as this passionate, all-consuming man stops at nothing to execute his master plans with methodical precision.


This takes you back to the time when Tony Rawlings was a monster. And is it I still hung on to every word? Every damning consequence played havoc with my emotions but I could still see that doubt, those moments of uncertainty in that impenetrable armour, shine.

As a character he has to be one of the most complex I have seen. His thought-process and justification for certain actions made me understand him a little more fully. For me, even though I still hated him in parts, it made me realise his hunger for power, for order, derived from insecurity. Failure was not an option!


Claire Nichols, our heroine, our victim, and the woman who turned the life of a ruthless businessman on its head... she certainly came across a little more meek and mild than I remember, which just goes to prove that she played her part very well! It was still good to see that hidden spark, that fire that we know lingers deep inside, surface on occasion.


Viewing these characters from a new angle proved insightful and refreshing, even though the main basis of the story remains fully intact.


Behind His Eyes is a Consequences companion novel and is NOT a standalone read.










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