Beautiful Ink (Forever Ink, #1) by Nicole Reed





I have tattooed that single word on more skin than I care to count. It elicits powerful thoughts and emotions for most people. Loving. Caring. Supportive. Togetherness. Forever.


But not for me.


The word family means so much more. Vicious. Harmful. Dangerous. Corrupt. Deadly.


You can’t run forever from the ones who love you.


NOTE: This novel is not a cliffhanger and can be read as a standalone.


WARNING: This book is real, beautifully raw, and not for the faint of heart. It is the story of a young girl’s loss of innocence while growing up around a motorcycle club. It is not suitable for children under the age of seventeen due to language, sexual content, and intense subject matter. Based on true events.

Kelly- 4 Crowns


Beautiful Ink is anything but; it is raw, gripping, heart-wrenching and just an all-out addictive read. From childhood to womanhood, Helen (Keller) has one hell of a story to tell, and it ain’t no easy ride, baby.


The day her Mother died was the day Helen lost a part of herself. The new evil Stepmother a very unwelcome addition, but trust me when I say that this is where all fairytale references end. There is only one escape, and that is up the garden trellis and into Holden’s bedroom window, the son of the president of the Hells Highwayman MC, and Helen’s best and only friend.


When tragedy strikes twice, Helen is left an Orphan when the Vice President (her Father) dies suddenly in a house fire. Helen has nowhere to go, so Ward and his wife, Sage, (Holden’s parents) invite Helen into their home. As the only surviving child of the VP, Helen is family - an MC Daughter. Helen and Holden are inseparable, so they set their sights on the future… their son and Helen becoming a couple... it’s convenient and inevitable as 'Hel's' is used to the lifestyle having been born into the club, she is true ‘old lady’ material, but Helen has other ideas. She loves Holden as a Brother, and wants nothing more than to get out of this dead end Florian town and never look back.


Jump into the future and we meet ‘Keller,’ a tattooist on the run from her past. Only allowing herself a six-month stint in every town she settles in, she knows that they will never give up, never quit searching for the girl who left it all behind. She is a threat, she knows too much and Ward wants her found.


She never expected to meet Vin, a house-restorer and qualified architect. He is nothing like she has ever known. He isn’t from her world; he is beautiful, kind and passionate about his work. When mutual attraction strikes, it hits hard because this is the first time Keller has ever truly loved anybody, but she’s running scared because in loving Vin, she has signed not only signed her own death warrant, but his too…




And WOW, talk about ‘hit the ground running’. The prologue is quite horrific and all events leading up until that point are told in flashback form, as we flit between past and present tense. Beautiful Ink unfolds with perfect fluidity, taking us on one hell of a ride as we learn the girl and the woman hiding ‘behind the ink.’


I would have liked more backstory and more MC integration. I basked in these scenes and found myself huffing a little in frustration when it went ‘back to the future,’ but it all comes to a head later as the past and present finally catch up and merge into one making this a very well-written and compulsive story.


Even if you aren’t a great fan of MC books, this is one definitely worth reading because there are some truly great characters here. It’s not all about hot men hiding behind a bad-ass exterior and scruffy beards seeking redemption in love. Yes, okay, this is a love-story but not in the traditional sense because love comes in many forms, and this one may just be the death of you. I loved that notion. Call me deranged but Holden may just surprise you and as for Vin, Nicole Reed, please give him my number…! ;)






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