This is a Total Stand Alone Novel.
No need to read the first two books in the series to enjoy this book.
This is not a dark romance. 

Every day you stay gone
I die a thousand more deaths 

Lane Parker has secrets he hasn’t even told his closest friends. He may have earned their respect but it’s undeserved. He may seem genuine but he’s a total fraud. He may look strong, but on the inside he’s weak and drowning with no chance of catching his breath any time soon.

After four years, Lane finally gets the call he’s been waiting for. Given back a piece of the life he’s been fighting so hard to reclaim, will he be able to handle everything that comes along with it? And if so, can all of his broken promises be redeemed?

So, I don’t give up and I won’t let them win 
I will find you and I will make sure that you know
You’re my everything 

New Adult Contemporary Romance: strong language and sexual content. This novel is intended for those 18 years and older.


Beautiful Broken Promises (Broken #3)

by Kimberly Lauren 


Emma -  4.5 Crowns
4.5 Crowns

This is book 3 in Kimberly Lauren's Broken series. This is a standalone book and therefore it isn't essential you read the previous 2 before starting this story. I haven't read any books in this series and it in no way effected my reading experience.

This is an amazing yet surprising read. I really went into this story blind. The blurb doesn't really give anything away and in actual fact the prologue and 1st chapter lead you to believe that this book is heading down a certain path... Wrong!! It suddenly changes course, leading to an emotional and heart warming story of love against the odds.

I am not going to give you much more than that as I really don't want to spoil how the author has worked this storyline. It is so important that you experience this story as much as I did, so you will just have to read it to satisfy you curiosity.

What I can and will tell you is that this is Lane Parker's story. Living in Dallas, amongst friends he considers family; Lane holds a dark secret. A secret that has torn him apart and turned his world upside down. Only a few trusted people know about Lane's devastating past, helping him on his 4 year long mission of seeking the truth, finding the culprits and recovering what he has lost.

As stated in the blurb, this is NOT a dark romance. It is a story of never giving up, never giving in, standing up to protect those who cannot protect themselves and making true the promises you give, ensuring they are never broken. Its also about forgiving yourself when the promises you make are indeed broken through no fault of you own, leading you to find love when you least expect it.

This truly is a heart warming story and it was a joy to read Lane's journey. He is such a different character at the end to the person we meet in chapter one. Obviously he is helped along the way with the other character/s but once again I have to keep my lips sealed on that guys... sorry! I will however say that couples that were obviously the stars of the previous 2 books in the series do play a part in this book. I loved all of them and I will certainly be going back to read their stories.

I really enjoyed this book. The authors writing style really suited me. I loved the dual POV, it wasn't wordy and she didn't pad out the story with unnecessary BS (my personal pet hate).

If you are looking for a heart warming, sexy, love story with a very unique storyline and sizzling hero; Beautiful Broken Promises is a must read


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