Back to You by Priscilla Glenn

Elizabeth - 4 crowns

Awwwwwwwww.....can I just say....awwwwwwww! What a real and beautiful story..... Awwwwwww!. 


Joanne - 4 crowns


Beautiful story, sweet read, how that boy made it out of his childhood home with any humanity is amazing .....he is proof that we are stronger than we think

Kelly - 5 crowns

Back to you is a story covering two separate timeframes that stems over 9 years. It’s a beautifully constructed and captivating story of friendship, love, loss, heartbreak and redemption.


Michael ‘Del’ Delaney and Lauren ‘Red’ Monroe met at High school. She was the freshman grade ‘A’ student, and ‘Del’ was the notorious number one local bad-boy.

As their first initial introduction was one of hostility with Del throwing a table across a classroom at a fellow student, Lauren should have been scared, but instead she looked deeper and knew that the boy in-front of her was broken - shards of anger and hurt stabbing his soul from deep within. Something inside of him had called to her that day, and she answered that call by becoming the most important person in his life.

She became his best friend.

She was one of the most genuine people he’d ever met, and he knew at that moment that if he did nothing else in his life, he wanted to be friends with Lauren Monroe.

As their unlikely pairing becomes a hot topic at school, Lauren and Michael learn to adapt. Their friends just don’t ‘get it,’ but they both realise, and quickly, that unlike their other friendships, with each other they can just be themselves.

But after a couple of years, what happens when those lines start to blur? When emotions and feelings start to come between that perfect friendship, do you roll with it? Or do you shy away from it, knowing it could quite possibly destroy the best thing that ever happened to you?

We jump ahead 8 years into the future. Lauren never believed she would see him again when he left for New York after Graduation, taking her heart with him. That was until the day he turns up at her day care nursery with his 3 year old Daughter, Erin.

As her past starts to resurface and catch up with her present, Lauren knows that before they have any chance of moving forward, they need to go backwards and revisit that pivotal moment. Readdress the event that destroyed her trust and everything she held dear… the moment that broke her heart.


Priscilla Glenn has debuted with a very loud and resolute BANG! My goodness, this book had absolutely EVERYTHING! It was angsty, it was heartfelt, it was humorous and it squeezes your heart in the best way possible, only then to pull it out and stamp on it.

Written in third person, it gives you a thorough insight to each event, each feeling and every thought that makes this a well-rounded book of substance.

Lauren is a wonderful heroine. She’s funny and although a top student, she isn’t scared to push boundaries and befriend the most feared boy in school. She comes to understand him like no other and in the same process; Michael enriches her life with his spontaneity and all-out ‘no-bull’ attitude that’s refreshing and new.

Back to You flits between the present and the past giving you a 3D view of each character as you get to learn them twice. I fell in love with both the teenagers and the adults and it was interesting to see how their past decisions and actions, affected them in present time.

A truly remarkable standalone love-story that gave me the warm and fuzzies in all the right places.

A must read! 

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