Back Stage (Power Station, #3)

by T. Gephart


'Back Stage is a second chance romance set admist the crazy world of rock 'n' roll. Passionate and sexy with just enough angst and heartache to give it substance and plausibility. A thrilling end to an epic trilogy. Power Station are electrifying.' Kelly ~ Perusing Princesses.

Well... that's all folks, the Power Station trilogy has come to an end, and my goodness, did it go out with an almighty bang. If the last two books were the main set, then this was one hell of an encore.

Jason Irwin is 'just' the keyboard player, and well... nobody gives a shit about the keyboard player, right? Oh how jaded is the lovely Jason? He is respected and loved by his brothers, aka, his fellow band members and to him, they are the only family worth noting. However, there was one other who showed him what it was to feel warmth, to feel the sun on his face, but with a heavy heart he walked away, left her alone after one night which resulted in heartbreak and bitterness.

Angie Morelli has never forgiven the boy she fell so desperately in love with that summer many years ago, only to be used like a common whore as he burned rubber and got the hell out of town. Falling for her neighbours' friend probably wasn't a wise move, you can never trust musicians to stick around and Angie got wise as the years passed, succumbing to casual hook ups as a way of keeping others at bay and her heart in a cage.

Troy has made it big, good for him, she was proud of her friend, but if she ever saw Jason Irwin again, it would be all too soon.

When Power Station run into trouble with their current support band on their American Tour, they have to find a good replacement, and quick. Troy's friend and her band are making headlines in their hometown, so it's only right they get a shot at the bigtime, only problem is... Jason and Angie aren't keen on opening old wounds, but they have both just been out voted as they Angie and her band take on the biggest challenge of their career, and swap pubs for stadiums.

Oh the sexual tension and witty banter goes up tenfold in this book, highlighting T. Gephart's range as a writer. She can have you clutching your chest in sympathetic pain one minute and have you laughing out loud the next, and Back Stage delivered plenty of those scenarios.

This story is not rushed but nurtured in a sensitive way that offers glimpses of the past, but it's not until near the last 20% that we truly learn who Jason is and what he's been through and I loved that element of surprise. Power Station saved him... literally!

Angie is a firecracker. Headstrong, albeit a little pigheaded, I loved her strength, and her heart was honest. I want to be Angie in my next life - the girl is just rock solid awesome.

With Back Stage taking place on tour, there are some great moments with the other band members, while introducing Rusty, Angie's guitarist and best friend who I have started to crush on a little. He's a rock of the best kind and I really want him to get his own book.

Dan, god love him! Life would be so boring without that man, and with Megs and Ash still playing a pivotal role within Power Station, it was great to see that connection still burn brightly.

If you enjoy rock star romance then you really can't go far wrong with this series. Power Station are electrifying!



Kelly  - 5 Crowns

Rock Star? Angie Morelli was not one. Growing up next to Power Station’s drummer didn’t guarantee a taste of the limelight, unless you count catcalls at low paying gigs in seedy bars and second-rate venues. She was okay with that; working her ass off at her dad’s mechanic shop during the day meant she could live her dream at night. She didn’t need Power Station waltzing back into her life, Jason Irwin had done enough damage the first time. Could she let go of her hurt for a chance of hitting the big time?

A one-night stand right before Jason Irwin left for his big break was no big deal. Except it wasn’t just any girl— it was Angie, Troy’s hot but young and inexperienced neighbor. It should never have happened, so best he pretend like it didn’t. Ten years later he remembered exactly why he went down that road. She was even hotter and she was also pissed as hell. Sounded like the perfect combination to invite on their world tour.

The road was not the place for history. It was bound to get ugly.

Book Three of the Power Station Series

Perusing Princesses
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