Autumn Rising (The Summer Remains, #1.5)

by Seth King

Autumn Mahal and Hank Basara know they should stay away from each other. Both recovering from the loss of a mutual friend, and each bearing scars of their own, they know their love would look like a worn cliché, a trite romance novel for teens, some crappy made-for-TV movie languishing on your great aunt’s DVR. But as summer gives way to September and flirtation leads to something deeper, they learn there are some types of love you cannot run from, no matter how hard you try to flee. 

Hilarious, touching and hopeful, Autumn Rising is a novella about the happiness we ruin for ourselves, the truths we can’t hide with a filter, and that elusive and victorious moment when we let love rush in and carry us to the sky. In a world of constant TMI, prepare to feel a story worth sharing – a story that will stay with you long after the summer fades to autumn. 


It's not often I get 'review nerves' when trying to put my thoughts onto paper when it comes to books I've read, but in this instance I do not believe anything I write can give Seth King's writing the justice it deserves. He is a poet. A word weaver of the highest calibre as his words bleed onto the page to the rhythm of a beating heart. Yes, that may sound flowery and a little OTT but it's the only way I can describe his craft.

Autumn and Hank's story is not a fairytale, it isn't swarming with heart and flowers and sexual gymnastics but that doesn't mean to say it is any less profound, or beautiful.

After losing a best friend, finding your feet and letting go of that grief is not only hard, it is life changing. Learning to walk alone, each step taken with trepidation and fear.

Summer Johnson wasn't supposed to die at the hands of a doctor. The botched surgery didn't just extinguish the light of a beautiful and strong girl but it took everything from those that knew her best.

Hank, an Army Veteran came back from Iraq minus an arm and it almost destroyed him. Summer was his voice of reason, a friend who walked him out of the darkness and planted herself firmly into his friend zone.

Summer was also the only one who understood Autumn's health trials. Her best friend having battled breast cancer from the age of 17, she helped Autumn cope through the hard times but with her now gone and Summer's funeral looming, Autumn is lost.

This is a story of two grieving souls coming together after a great loss. It is also a story of survivors guilt and fear at the possibility of change.

Autumn is wacky, gifted and real, my goodness, I loved her sass, and with Hank being the more level headed of the pair, just gave this relationship great balance. However, they are both completely shattered and a little broken in their own individual ways and only having death and disease as a common denominator paves a way to internal self destruction. The question is... do they have what it takes to save each other?

Autumn Rising is a deeply profound story that takes the reader on a soulful journey of life and death, love and fear, friendship and hope... and bravery, as two broken and depleted souls find light in the Summer that still remains.




Kelly  - 4 Crowns

Elizabeth  - 4 Crowns

Summer's life is over....
Autumn's life is struggling to live...

How do you survive someone
 that has left an imprint in you and others so deep it is a chasm?
You need a love from someone who is surviving that same person while at the same time surviving their own life, just as you are...

This book is so quirky and raw and really brings the whimsical side of pain out into a very clear understanding.

Autumn is a force to reckoned with... and Hank needs all he has to be the one to calm the storm.

It is really a sad, real and beautiful book...





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