Ella Dominguez

June 2013

Kahlen Aymes

June 2013

 Here at the Castle... we have a motto...

Once a Princess, always a Perusing Princess!

And we all know that

Naughty Mommas will always be Naughty!

Enjoy our Archive of past   Princesses and   Naughty Mommas

C.J. Roberts

July 2013

Mia Sheridan

July 2013

Authors in our Castle ~ Archives

Authors in our Dungeon~Archives

Olivia Cunning

August 2013

Nicky Wells

August 2013

Pam Godwin

September 2013

Aleatha Romig

September 2013

Jade C. Jamison

October  2013

Tabitha McGowan

October 2013

K.A. Robinson

November  2013

Samantha Towle

December  2013

November 2013
Ella Frank

December 2013

J.M. Darhower

January 2014

Pepper Winters

March  2014

JB Hartnett

February  2014

A.L. Jackson

January  2014

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Tiffany Snow

Perusing Princesses
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