At Your Beck and Call by Jane Harvey-Berrick



Hallen Jansen has it all. A nice car, a great apartment, and a job he loves – as an escort, working at your beck and call.


And he’s very good at his job.


Eloise, a woman of a certain age, sees his potential one evening and grooms him to work as an escort for women, but only those who could afford his exclusive services.


For seven years the business partnership works for both of them, but when Hallen falls in love with one of his clients, a recently divorced woman 20 years older than himself, all bets are off.


Can he convince Laura that he really does love her?

Can they make their relationship a reality, or will it only be heartbreak for both of them?


Not all services are professional. 


Kelly - 5 Crowns


“Sexy, honest, gut wrenching reading at its absolute finest!” ~ Kelly, Perusing Princesses Blog

A sensational life journey told in a deeply honest and provocative manner. Hallen Jansen is a strong voice in what reads as a personal account of what it takes to be a male escort. A tale told in two halves that go right back to the early days in college, when money was tight and family support scarce. A categorised journal of sexcapades that will make your eyes water and your heart break, as what seemed like a harmless bit of fun and easy money turns into a very dark and lonely existence.

He gives in to their demands, gives them what they want, and they take...but it comes at a price.

But there is one thing these women will never get, and that's the real him! His mask never slips, the passionate artist that lingers beneath hidden from the stench of sex and money. Keeping his heart under lock and key, sex becomes nothing more than a means to an end, and a good paycheck. Relationships are destined to fail given his line of business so keeping a safe distance in-between appointments was never a problem, until her...

Laura is a 48-year-old divorcee who is about to show Hallen that there is a way to show his true colours, by embracing his real passion of painting. Showing him that it's okay to be himself in the hope of setting him free and walking a new path to normality. The problem is, unlocking that part of him proves terrifying. Laura is a client, and Hallen's strict policy of not mixing business with pleasure is about to blur.

At Your Beck and Call is an incredible feat. Jane Harvey-Herrick has proved yet again that she can deliver a solid life story that stands the test of time. I love her prose, her ability to draw you in with her keen eye for detail, strong characterisation and realistic dialogue. Like real life, there are some great defining moments, while others with have you screaming at the injustices.

Parts of this book were difficult to read, but at the same time you can't put it down. This author has nailed the male POV! She really gets inside his head and portrays Hallen to the point of perfection. He is almost perfect but made imperfect by his early choices, and to watch his life spiral, knowing he is he worth so much more is a bitter pill to swallow, albeit no less fascinating to witness. The years of working as an escort and being at the Beck and Call of many, takes a toll on his self-esteem and yet the glimpses we get of the real man are truly beautiful – he is smart, talented and has a kind heart so be prepared to fall head-over-heels in love with him.

His need for conversation and physical connection stem from a Mother who never cared and a Father who left his life all too soon. Sex is the easy part, but making love is a terrifying and alien concept to the boy who has never believed in it.

Laura is older and therefore has her insecurities, and that felt real to me. As a reader in my mid 30's I connected to Laura, especially when Jane gave her a voice in a few of the later chapters which was a real turning point in this story.

This is a stunning book that will put you through the emotional gamut. Sexy, witty, gut wrenching reading at its absolute finest!

Read it!


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