Angel (NSC Industries, #1)
by D.H Sidebottom



Olivia Thomas is in love, pure, simple soul consuming love. Nathan Carter is her other half, her light, her passion. After three years of being together at university; three years of being joined, of a love so intense, passionate and spirited they thought their future was safe and endless but life always finds a cruel way to interfere and they soon find their relationship can’t withstand destiny’s intrusions and obstacles.
Two decades later destiny apologises and brings them back together by sheer chance, re-igniting their intense passion, connection and love but they soon find that twenty years of life, secrets and lies creates difficulties and struggles even their bond might struggle to endure.
When an evil from Olivia’s’ past returns to haunt them and rip apart everything they have managed to build back up can the lovers survive with their love and souls still intact…or their lives?

This book contains explicit sex scenes, adult language and violence…oh and one hot alpha male! Enjoy!

Kelly - 5 Crowns


OMG! I have just literally pulled an all nighter! My goodness this book drew me in from the first word and I couldn't put it down! I love a second chance love story and with D.H Sidebottom you know there's going to be an extra side order of angst and erotic ministrations that makes your heart pound, your stomach drop and your sexual libido rocket to epic proportions.

Liv and Nate are that couple from younger years that fell into that beautiful, all consuming love. The promise of forever a hares breath away, until that very moment when University ends and the prospect of a real future beckons. Liv is protecting the biggest secret a woman could have, and telling Nate would put a hold on the perfect career opportunity he has been offered in Edinburgh. Putting her love and his dreams first, Liv walks away with a part of the man she would love forever.

Twenty years later, Liv is a divorced single Mum starting a new secretarial job for NSC Industries; a highly renowned and respected company in the city. With a sleazy boss and a good bunch of colleagues, Liv makes it work but she's also trying to move on from a very turbulent and abusive marriage and her boss is pushing those professional limits putting her on edge.

Running head first into the company chairman on your second time being late that week wasn't the smartest move, face planting into his groin as you hit the floor an absolute disaster but nothing could compare her for the shock to realise that NSC Industries is owned by none other than Nathan Carter, the man she left behind all those years ago.

Nate has never moved on emotionally, never been able to settle with another. His reputation as a billionaire playboy bachelor a hot topic in many gossip columns, but to see her again knocks the breath right out of him.

Rekindling that spark from their youth comes easily, but Liv has changed, she has been through hell and not only is Nate learning of the fate that befell her when he left for Edinburgh, his guilt and anger spears them both as they try to move forward together.

All seems well until her ex Husband catches up with them both looking for revenge on the man who held his wife's heart captive, and the secret that she has harboured all these years may just be the clincher that destroys them both... 

God, I absolutely loved this book! D.H Sidebottom has now jumped into my top British Author list. She destroyed me with The Decimation of Mae but the way she pulls you in with her stories that hold a dark and sinister edge just completely compel you. Her books are not always pretty but they are passionate and raw, and I am pretty sure after delving twice now into her work, I am going to love everything she writes. She does tackle some deeply upsetting subject matters and isn't afraid to hit them hard, but I love her for that. Life isn't pretty sometimes, but the prospect of better, of more, is always her final parting message.

This is a standalone read with a wicked pace and an alpha to die for. I absolutely LOVED Angel, and I cannot wait to pull more of this author's work off my to-read shelf. Brilliant!!!!

Fans of Bared to You and The Blackstone Series should read this!





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