Amy 'Red' Riding's Hood by Liz Adams
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Book Review: Amy "Red" Riding's Hood - Liz Adams

'On my, what big..... What the hell is that!' ;)

Well firstly, let me just say that I have never really been interested in rehashed works of the classic fairytale, its not something that has ever hit my genre list, but that all changed a couple of days ago when I was happily browsing through the erotic forum and up popped a Beta Reader request from a writer named Liz Adams. After reading the Synopsis, and being an avid fond reader of erotica fiction, I thought 'why not'. Oh my, what a great decision that turned out to be.

Little Amy Riding is like any other 'normal' girl, firstly she's human. Secondly, she has been coddled by her two prejudiced parents, and third, she has raving hormones and a raging burning fire that wasn't abated by 'vacant' Vincent, her first crush due to a, well, how can we put it? Oh yes..... A premature event! So, realistically she realises that to stoke these hidden desires she has to look at the next best thing, and that comes in the form of her childhood friend, Sean.

Sean is a little different, shunned by normal village folk, and i.e. Mr and Mrs Riding for his 'abnormal' animalistic ways, knows that any relationship with a human could prove very difficult, until he reunites with 'Red'. For four weeks they spend every evening together, learning about each-other and becoming very close friends once again. When friendship starts to form into something more, Red and Sean then make the 'easy' decision to take things further. Red is a virgin, and it's Sean's responsibility to prove to her that he is more than just a Lycan, but also a man worth her love and her virginity.

This story is HOT! It's the perfect before bedtime read, a naughty guilty pleasure that will give you sweet dreams and wish you were wearing that skimpy red cloak and had a BIG BAD WOLF of your own.


A fantastically naughty 3 cuffs!

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