Ambrosia (Book Boyfriend, #2) by Erin Noelle


After coming to terms with the tragedy that rocked her world, Scarlett MacGregor has returned to try to pick up the pieces of the broken relationships that she left behind.


Ash and Mason were left devastated and heartbroken following Scarlett’s sudden, unannounced departure. They are both ready and willing to forgive her and welcome her back into their lives with open arms.


However, a lot can happen in 8 months… Scarlett must learn to overcome the obstacles thrown in her path to prevent the past from repeating itself.


Can she learn to fly with her own wings and discover the secret to eternal love?


Kelly - 4.5 Crowns


OMG! I need book right NOW! This is a solid 4.5 sequel. My heart is so torn. Part of me is euphorically happy with how this love story eventually played out - on the other hand, I am heartbroken by the later events that unfolded. Triangles are tricky, but this one just got very messy!


”One taught me how to fly like an angel – to free my spirit, to accept forgiveness, and to love without restraint. The other had taught me to fly like a butterfly – to embrace change, to celebrate innocence and vulnerability, and to open up my soul. Together, they had both given me the courage and the strength to fly with my own wings.” 


Scarlett, Mason and Ash ARE BACK in this compelling and deeply moving college-based drama. Whether you are a fan of love triangles or not, the dynamics of these relationships are beautiful in their own way. Individually, they couldn’t be farther apart, yet, all are special in their own right.


Each pairing is magic, authentic and heartfelt even though some moments thwart with anxiety and heartbreak. Fate has a way of playing its hand and Erin Noelle delivers it in such a way that you can’t not love these characters and sympathise with the sacrifices they make to be with the one they love.


Scarlett’s innocence and naivety of the outside world was a main focus in Metamorphosis. She met two of the most amazing young men who both taught her what it was to feel love, lust, and everything in between. Sheltered, with only her best friend to lean on, Scarlett relied on that crutch to help her through life.


But what happens when that rug is pulled from beneath your feet and you find yourself having to stand-alone?


Ambrosia takes a different turn, focusing strongly on healing the heart, making your own decisions while struggling to move on with life. Scarlett fled at the end of Metamorphosis, leaving behind all those she cared about vowing never to return. With the help of a good psychologist and supportive Grandparents, Eight months later, Scarlett takes that trip back to Texas to confront and lay-to-rest the devastation she left behind.


She is surprised to find that not much has changed in her eight-month absence, except the pain of her unannounced departure still resonates strongly with those closest to her.


Mason still loves ‘his Angel,’ and will stop at nothing to make her his, there is just one problem… the band. With Jobu’s Rum popularity hitting an all-time peak and agents wishing to catapult them to new heights, Mason knows that to keep the girl, sacrifices will have to be made. It doesn’t help that his agent, Bentley, has had a taste of ‘Rat’ and still remains adamant in her pursuit of more.


Ash is quiet, reserved and keeping his distance… but little does Scarlett know, he is waiting. Waiting in the wings, because he believes ‘his Butterfly’ will come to him when the time is right. Ever the philosophic… letting fate decide.


Max is also struggling to come to terms with the loss of his soul mate, as he seeks out Scarlett in the hope it will help him move on. In this, a new friendship is born, as Scarlett and Max connect through loss and grief, taking their newfound friendship to a whole new level.


Misunderstandings, communication breakdowns and a torn heart or two later, Scarlett feels like running again – after all, it’s what she’s good at. This time however, Ash, Mason and Max won’t let her! It’s time to wake up and face responsibilities, learn from mistakes, but most importantly…listen to your heart and follow it.


Scarlett is the conductor, orchestrating the show, yet the torrent of highs and lows gave me emotional whiplash. I wanted to shake her during some of the worst decisions of her young life. This girl is teetering on the edge when one incident in particular had me shouting at my kindle, ‘What the hell are you thinking?!’


Ambrosia delivered on the intimately hot scenes, drama entwined with angst-overload, and the ending…OMG! Not a cliff-hanger, but close. It hit every damn nerve and I loved every minute of it.Now, for the ultimate of questions…TEAM MASON OR TEAM ASH?


I was completely torn after Metamorphosis, but I can now categorically answer… 



Looking forward to book 3!!


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