All In by Raine Miller

Elizabeth - 4 handcuffs

I want Ethan in my life.... Wow! This book is getting to the nitty gritty of a heck of a story.... And I am

screaming bloody murder now as I have to wait for book 3. No fair!


Kelly - 5 handcuffs

Yes! THANK YOU Raine Miller, that's a little more like it!

This second instalment knocks the socks off the first one, it flows much better than Naked, and the POV has changed from Brynne's to Ethan's which gives you a better indication of his character and what drives him forward. His love for Brynne is almost possessive and a little unhealthy, but there is no doubt at all that what he feels is true. The drama aspect has also been stepped up a notch in this book, when Brynne's past slowly starts to have an impact in her present.

A video was made when she was only 17, without her knowledge or consent. It's only when she awoke, she knew that her body had been subjected to sexual abuse and the three men that had participated in this terrible ordeal circulated the video in her old High-School, destroying her and her family in the process.

Fleeing to England to undertake her education in art restoration, she thought her shameful nightmare had been long and buried, but it’s only now, years later, the presidential election is in full force, and the son of the rallying Vice President is one of the perpetrators in the video. Having shipped his son off to Iraq, his Father is hoping this video never sees the light of day, as it could destroy his chances and his career. However, with the opposing party wanting a piece of the action, Ethan believes that Brynne will become a target - a pawn, to be used in one of the most reverent campaigns in America.

Now, with imminent threat looming, Ethan must do all he can to protect the woman he loves. It’s a little consuming though when the London 2012 Olympics are approaching and Ethan’s cousin is receiving death threats of his own.


I am really pleased I continued with this series, because I really did like the first book, but it seemed rushed and too abrupt, but that’s probably because I didn’t want it to end where it did. This second book was a welcomed surprise. If my hunch comes to light, I think we could see a nice little surprise in book 3. Can’t wait to find out!



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