Alexia Eden (Fairytales Don't Exist, #1) by Sophie Summers



I was brought up with a picture-perfect family and the life to match. I believed all those happy-ever-after stories momma read to me and the Fairytales she would whisper before bedtime about my Prince Charming finding me one day. Momma found daddy so it was only inevitable I found my prince too, right? 

Tragedy strikes before Lexi's 16th birthday and the flawless life she once knew is shattered and tarnished. 

Everyone and everything changes, she decides the only way to survive is to keep all her emotions under lock and not let anyone in. She loses friends, the very ones that were by her side most of her life are now the ones bullying her and making her life hell. 

She's forced to relocate to a small secluded town, little does she know that the town is run by werewolves. Her first night in town she befriends a brown wolf in the woods. Seeking solace in the comfort of the wolf she tells him all her secrets knowing the animal cant betray her or pity her like humans do. One night at a bar she runs into a gorgeous guy named Jax, she’s under the impression he’s human but in fact he’s the soon to be Alpha of the towns pack. Jax immediately feels a connection to her and she feels the same way. 

A bond forms... 

What will happen when the brown wolf from the woods enters the picture …in his human form? Will she recognize him? What will happen to Lexi and Jax? Will Lexi’s trust in her friends remain after all the secrets are revealed? Will she accept the fact that her best friends are werewolves and there’s a secret world out there? Will Lexi reveal her secrets? Something she’s ashamed to admit and something that could put them in danger. 

While she hides her feelings for one of the wolves, she falls madly in love with the other, thinking that her mother was right after all - she’s found her prince charming, tragedy will strike once again. 

How will she mend her broken heart this time? 

Emma - 5 Crowns


Book 1 in the Fairytales don't exist series.

Well I need to start by telling you that this is a genre I stay away from. I'm just not a paranormal type of girl, but after reading Sophie's fantastic Broken Beautiful series and because I am a huge fan, I had to read Alexia Eden. I enjoyed the Twilight series, so this wasn't completely new territory, but I certainly didn't know what to expect. What I did know was that I would either love it or hate it.

Alexia Eden is a young girl in her senior year who has been moved to a new town by her mother following her father's death. Very much a Daddy's girl, Alexia has a very strained relationship with her mother and being forced into moving away from her friends is tough on her. She soon however meets a group of friends and starts to settle into life. In particular she forms a friendship with Jax the group's leader and Mr popular. She definitely knows she has feelings for Jax but when his best friend Drake shows a romantic interest in her, she starts to date him and Jax steps back unwilling to step on his best friends toes.

What Alexia is unaware of is that her new group of friends are in actual fact a wolf pack, with Jax the Alpha heir apparent and Drake serving as his beta. She loves them both, but this may well lead to her downfall. For Drake's wolf Sebastian isn't the nice guy that Drake is, when Jealousy and paranoia rear their ugly heads someone is bound to get hurt. Alexia will start to question herself, her family and secrets may or may not come to a head.

I loved this book, yes it is paranormal but it has a real YA/NA feel to it; which is probably why I loved it so much. Yes the Werewolf elements are a huge part of this story but it is also a coming of age story about family, first loves and becoming an adult. I loved the characters (okay, maybe not ?) but they all have very important and specific roles within the storyline. OMG - I loved Jax and to coin a Twilight term, I am so Team Jax, although their are lots of candidates for Alexia to choose from, she really is spoilt for choice. 

So from someone that tends to avoid this genre, I was so shocked that it sucked me in. The story is full of twists and turns and so fast paced that you will struggle to put it down. In true Sophie style, we are left with the mother of all cliffhangers!! My god, where will the story go from here? who knows, but what I do know is that I am waiting with baited breath. I know Angel Blackwood is currently in the works, it will be an immediate 1 click for me. Bring it the hell on!

A highly recomended Paranormal book with a YA feel - read it!!





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