Afterlife (Afterlife Saga #1)
by Stephanie Hudson


Kelly - 5 crowns

It's official, I totally get the term 'Crave the Drave' now, he has just jumped into my top ten book

boyfriend list, OMG ladies, ladies, ladies, if you like your boys on the paranormal side, this boy has

the lot! The good, the bad but definitely not the ugly.

This book is an investment and I'm not just talking about the cost of purchasing it, which I hasten to add

is an absolute bargain for the kindle considering how long this book is, and yes, I am talking about the

length here, it's a marathon read and one that if I'm honest, starts a little on the slow side. However,

please don't let that deter you, this book is absolutely BLOODY Brilliant.

Keira the heroine, tells this tale in first person and it starts with her emigration from Northern England to New England in the United States, to be reunited with her doting older Sister who has married a lovely American gentleman called Frank. It is apparent from the offset that Kiera has gone through a terrifying ordeal and this move is the start of a new chapter in her life. Her arms are covered in scars, she is haunted by nightmares but all the while her character is incredibly elusive with all the shady details. Regardless of this little fact, her character is incredibly likeable. I warmed to her quickly as I like strong female leads, and she proved her worth countless times throughout this book.

Kiera makes a friend in the local gossip queen who is also a goth, who introduces her to an extensive nightclub called Afterlife. Run by the incredibly beautiful and wealthy DRAVEN family. Upon her first night at the club, she spots Dominic DRAVEN as he enters the club in what is traditionally known as his once in an annual visit, however she can't help but feel she has seen him before - in her dreams!

Frank, her Brother-in-law has connections to the club as he supplies the security and manages to get Keira a barmaid job there. Slowly, Kiera starts to question her sanity as reality and dreams start to intertwine and her alarming obsession with Dominic becomes overwhelming, especially when she is then asked to work the VIP area.

From here on out, an interesting story unfolds and Kiera comes to realise that not everything is as it seems at Club Afterlife. Take into the fact that Kiera has a gift of her own since the age of 7, although this more of a curse, she can't help but feel that this is actually a place where she belongs. However, as events take an epic turn, Dominic has no choice to give in to the pull that he feels towards Kiera, and as it turns out, she is so much more than the broken girl from England, she just doesn't know it yet.



Without giving anything more away, this book is written beautifully, the words flow effortlessly and the authors gift of pulling you into each scene is breathtaking. Her imagery is vivid and although a little wordy, I felt so engrossed in the story and due to the length, it gave all the characters room to grow and connect with the reader. By the end I was grinning like a teenager, holding onto my seat for dear life, and begrudging the fact that I read the first chapter of book 2 but am yet to have it in my hands. I cannot wait for the sequel, this is definitely a saga worth investing in if you love urban fiction. Great, Great read.



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