A Broken Beautiful Beginning (Broken Beautiful, #1.5)

by Sophie Summers




“Can’t live without you... I don’t want to be alone in the dark…” 

Jace’s last words play in my head over and over as I lay in this dark trunk. I can hear his faint mumbling through the insulation of the backseat. I cry louder, asking for him to pull over, to let me out. 
Praying for him to take me back to my baby girl. 
Hitting my fists against the top of the trunk I scream and yell, but nothing… He continues to drive further and further away from my family.
I have just found my way back to Caleb. We are supposed to be a family. 
I need him to find me, save me from the Beast Jace has become… 
This was supposed to be our new beginning… we were meant to start fresh, a clean break.

They all said that Jace was a monster… a dangerous man that I should steer clear of but they had it all wrong.
It’s only when Raven comes out to play does he become the person so many fear. 
I was so wrong to think I understood him. 
No one understands him… 
I thought I knew who he was but I had no idea the secrets he was keeping from me and the Club. 
I should have listened to their warnings, should have taken their advice but I had been drawn to a broken soul and I thought I could mend it….fix him somehow.
After all is said and done, only one question remains…who will fix me when I break?

Elizabeth - 5 Crowns

well holy smokes Sophie!! never saw the twists and turns you played out!!


This story starts off immediately after the major OMG Gasp cliffhanger of the first book...


This is a story where Jace pretty much goes off the deep end, in his love for Harley... If you thought he was a beautiful broken man in the first one.. you pretty much break your heart seeing his complete downfall in this book..


This storm behind the curtain is happening as Caleb and Harley are trying to carve out a future.. make a real family... dive deep into their love... 


but you know the ride is going to be extremely bumpy with some major free falls... Caleb wants nothing but to have his family together and protect them... hard to do when your family is an MC.  And that just brings a spiral of major events that you can't even imagine happening, to Harley, to Caleb, to everyone involved...

You literally will be gasping for breath, and just yelling, "noooooo...no no"


Is this all going to explode with pieces of broken souls everywhere?? is there anyway to keep it together in the midst of hell??  Is love truly that strong??




Kelly - 4 Crowns


Oh this novella continuation was absolutely fantastic to the point that I wish it was actually part of book one itself. I hope the author incorporates the two into one special edition at some point because it really does start where the first ended with that unbelievably tense cliffhanger. Okay, it would have been a long read but this 3 hour novella really shed so much light on the characters, their business within the club, Caleb's missing four years, and how Avery is connected. And what a fantastic insight it was!


Jace may have played a pivotal role in This Broken Beautiful Thing, and the beginning of this story really does take place directly on from him completely succumbing to the darkness, but Jace is no monster. We see the good in him, only when Raven comes out to play, that is when he really does come into his own. Its sad as much as it is riveting to read. I love bad Jace, almost as much as I hate the choices he makes while playing him.


In this novella we go 'behind the cut,' as Sophie Summers delves into the background of many characters that I have grown to care for.


Harley and Caleb are destined, that much we know, but both have changed dramatically in their 4 year absence, but with secrets and club business proposals staking a claim on their new gym, Caleb is feeling the heat of the patch, while Harley is desperate for some MC time out. 


Will they be able to find that magic they once had? Will Jace let Harley move on with Caleb? And will the meddling of the club destroy everything they are working so hard to achieve?


The angst is still here but it took on a more mature and serious role in this one. For those who hated the cliffhanger in the main novel then my advice is to read A Broken Beautiful Beginning because this continuation/sequel is a real gem. I loved it!



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